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    Do we have functions for 'Like' in Qlikview

    Subin Thomas

      I have some tables loaded into QVD's for optimising my existing reports.

      But in the script i have Like Function many times as in


      OR ABC NOT LIKE '%C.WD' 

      OR ABC LIKE '%C.TD'

      OR ABC LIKE '%C.LC'

      OR ABC LIKE '%C.F%'

      OR ABC LIKE '%F.WD');


      Do we have any functions in wlikview that would work for the data that comes from a QVD??

      for example i came across wildmatch but can anyone explain how can i use it well?


      for suppose i have data abc,acd,bcda,cdae,efga,haij,cda,hika,olpa


      I want all the words that has a in the starting :

      I want all that words has a in any of the position in the word:

      I want all that words that has a at the end:



      Can anyone give me the syntax for them please...