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    QlikView issue extracting string fields from SQL Server 2005

      Hi everyone,


      I have a weird issue.


      I have a QV file that connects to SQL Server 2005 and loads (Select statament) a view created that joins three tables to create a mini datacloud.


      This application works fine when I reload/refresh it using my laptop but when using another machine I get a lot of grey fields (blanks) which normally indicates there is no data available in the SQL table. However, this is not true because most fields have data specially after comparing it with the one I run on my machine.


      I dont know where the problem is? The machine is down as adminstrator and has similar privilages and permissions to the one I use. We even upgraded it from XP to Windows 7.


      Is this a QV behaviour? Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance for your feedback(s).

        • QlikView issue extracting string fields from SQL Server 2005
          Fernando Obara Suzuki



          have you checked if there is something wrong with the database connectors (OLEDB, ODBC)? Maybe they're outdated somewhere and thus returning different data.


          This problem is occurring in a specific field? What kind of field is it?


          (I've never experienced that, just trying to shed a light over it...)



          hope this helps you



            • QlikView issue extracting string fields from SQL Server 2005

              Hi Fernando,


              Thanks for responding.


              It is fine with all data types even text but sometimes doesnt extract some text fields for unknown reasons.


              I dont know if it is something to do with characters like (& comma) being used within the fields. Anyhow, this works fine when reloading from my machine.


              I tested the same view using the same machine but using MS Excel and got the same results as QlikView.


              I dont know what it is, it must be something with machine privilages/permissions that cannot be spotted despite checking and comparing with other network profiles and all identical.