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    total as sum of rows

      Hi to All,


      I've a pivot table with an expression (% SellIn) which total I want get as the sum of rows in detail.

      For example, I want get the total for  "% SellIn" in  week 01  to be 87,3% , not 100%.

      Have you any suggestion?


      Thanks in advance


        • total as sum of rows
          Stefan Wühl

          In a pivot table chart your total is evaluated as expression total. You will noticed that the Total Mode option is disabled in expression tab for a pivot. But there is a workaorund using advanced aggregation, please check the Help for sum of rows in pivot tables.


          Basically you do something like:


          sum(aggr( YOURXPRESSION , DIM1, DIM2, DIM3, ..))


          Unfortunately, you are using a lot of calculated dimensions, which you can't just put in as aggr() dimensions. So I would suggest to pre-calculate your calculated dimensions in the load script, creating new fields, which seems to be possible having had a quick look to your dimensions. Then use your new fields as dimensions in your chart and in your aggr() function.


          Hope this helps,