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    List Box Problem



          In my report after creting a list box in  General Properties of the list box "  Always one selected value "  option was disbaled why it was disbaled and how to enable it? i have attached a sample file also....





        • List Box Problem
          Liron Baram

          you need to select one value


          only then go to properties the it will be enabled

            • List Box Problem

                Thnx for replay liron actually in my live application i have list box with 2 values ex:A,B, if we click A value one chart sholud appear and same for B also, for this i have used "getfieldselection" function for charts, here am able to select only one value from list  i.e B if i click on A it automatically selecting B am not able to select A. Any ideas???


              Sry not possible to upload the file. If possible create a sample file and upload it