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    Custom extension using HTML



      I've spent hours going through these forums looking for an answer to this question: Is it possible to display HTML code within a QV App most likely through an extension / custom object.


      I want to be able to create an input form from HTML and load this into a QV doc (displayed with AJAX/webview) and ultimately grab the user inputs from the form. I have been down the road of input boxes and variables - which does work but it's clunky and not user friendly.


      Can anyone suggest how to go about this please? The QV reference manual suggests this is possible...


      Via a new simple API it is now possible to write plug-in extension sheet

      objects for integrated display in QlikView layouts (works in the Ajax client

      and WebView only). The extensions build on a QlikView chart object and

      may be written in any modern web language, e.g. Flash, Silverlight,

      JavaScript etc."

      Any ideas on how to achieve this would be great.