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    Different field name that are the same

      There are two .xls files one containing data about activities done with clients, and the other contains information about financials.  The accountant charges the head corporation.  The other details are done with subcompanies so they all have different names.  I need a way to take company x and y and be the same company z when it comes to billing.  I'm totally lost in this regard. 


      Pls don't tell me to standardize my data.  In about six months to a year there is plan to go with a DB that I will eventually have to build.

        • Different field name that are the same
          Stefan Wühl

          Well, you probably have somewhere a list that relates your head coporations to their subcompanies. If you don't, I think there is no way around creating one.


          You then load this table to your data model, this will link your activities table to financials table.


          Hope this helps,