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    Dimmension calculated and List Value

      Hi all, I´m new with the "list value" and how to get the calculated value as a list, could somebody help me?


      I attached the pic of where I need the dimenssion list and the App.


      Thank you I appreciate it!!.

        • Dimmension calculated and List Value
          Stefan Wühl

          Not sure if I understand, you want a list of the expression values to select on?


          You can use an expression instead of a field in your multi box: Got to properties of your multi box, click on 'Expression >' on general tab (in the middle between Available field names and displayed field names and then enter something like

          =aggr(Sum([Cantidad Recibida]),[Mes-Año])


          for a list of values for your Cantidad Recibida expression. The problem here is that you are using a cyclic group in your table chart, and above will deliver the values only for the Mes-Ano dimension. Not sure how to handle the variety of dimensions here.


          But maybe I have misunderstood what you are after completely.

            • Dimmension calculated and List Value

              Thank you Swuehl, what I need is get "Importe Base" , "Flete", "Surcharge"  and "Precio Unitario"as a Field Selection in my multi box and in the table "Cantidad Recibida" make the calculate, in other words I need to get them as a row selection. I hope I explained my self. Thank you for your support Swuehl!!

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                Swuehl I attached an example of how I need the selections, I need to create a new field selection and once I select it It calculate it in the table.

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                    Stefan Wühl

                    I think I am still misunderstanding what you want.

                    In your sample, "Importe Base" , "Flete", "Surcharge"  and "Precio Unitario" are expressions with calculated expresssion values (amount of money), I understand you want to select on those for any reason?


                    I tried to explain in my first post how you could do that and what the problem is I encountered (your cyclic dimension).


                    In your last sample, I see only one multibox, but this is just filtering field values on two fields. I can't really see how this sample relates to your first one.


                    If you want to select the expressions (i.e. "Importe Base" , "Flete", "Surcharge"  and "Precio Unitario") you want to show and hide the others, there is an easy way to do this conditional show of expressions in QV11, are you on QV11?