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    New "create your own report" functionality in 11

      I love the new "Enable Conditional" setting available for dimensions and expressions in 11.  I've built a really cool "build your own report" report for my users giving them the capability to select which dimensional attributes and metrics they want to analyze.  Just like on the attached tab "Reports" that Qlikview shows off.


      One issue though that I thought I'd ask the experts.  When a user is building a pivot table they usually click several dimensional attributes and then drag n' drop them where they want.  For example dragging the year to the top of the metrics.  Actually that's another issue ... anytime I try and drag a column in a pivot table to the top of the metrics it only works about 25% of the time.  Weird.  But when it does work Qlikview "remembers" that you did that and if you click clear and build another report it automatically places the field in the same location.  Is there anyway to force a pivot table NOT to reorganize the ordering of your dimensions?  Thanks