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    Lookup value using expressions

      In the following straight table I would like the third column "EDC_LMT_HIGH to obtain the value for the latest "Begin_Date" that falls on or before a given effective date. Is this possible via an expression?




      Here are the other tables.





        • Lookup value using expressions
          Stefan Wühl



          you could probably resolve your request using FirstSortedValue() and a set expression to limit the BEGIN_DATE values you want to look up.


          Something along

          =FirstSortedValue({<BEGIN_DATE = {"<=$(=max(EFFECTIVE_DATE))"} >} EDC_LMT_HIGH, -BEGIN_DATE)


          Please check out FirstSortedValue and set analysis in the Help file.

          This should work in a table with dimension NAME, above expression and if you want the BEGIN_DATE accordingly:

          = max({<BEGIN_DATE = {"<=$(=max(EFFECTIVE_DATE))"} >} BEGIN_DATE)


          Or maybe I misunderstood your setting, so some sample rows of your data, best coded as INLINE table or in a small sample app might help.