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    Expression for a complex report

      Dear All,


      Thanks for all your support and guidance.

      I have a new issue.

      Kindly refer to the attached file . There is a YDAR_YMAC.qvw in it.

      I have a report that to be designed as per Budgeted vs Forecast.xlsx.

      The report says that if we are checking out the results for say Jun2011,

      then data from Jan to Jun should be from hq04(sales) one file,

      the data for next two months i.e.Jul and Aug should come from Raw material fixed order(sales) file.

      And the data for next three months i.e. Sep, Oct , Nov will come from Raw material Forecast (sales) other file.

      What chart type should I use for this type of Report.

      Please feel free to contact me if requirement is not clear.

      I am new to Qlikview, and we are just using excel files other wise through Sql views I might have got th desired data.

      Kindly help me out how the Expression can be made accordingly.


      Is there any other way to create expressions in scripts as well.

      Please help me out