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    Cannot Access the access point



      I have deployed my application on the Qlikview Server.By when i try to access the application through the url (i.e Http://<M/c IP>/Qlikview/Index.htm>) some times the access point does not come and i cannot see my applications deployed, sometimes the access point appears very late and some time it appears just perfactly. When i checked the status of services in the status tab in QMC they were running all fine.


      Can any one let me know possible solutions for this. So that this can be resolved.




        • Cannot Access the access point
          Hugo Andrade

          Are you having this issue with all your browsers? in all your machines?

          Monitor the Network usage to verify if somehow the network is overloaded.

          Hugo Andrade

          • Cannot Access the access point
            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

            Hi Rahul,


            When you go to the AccessPoint, what browser are you using?

            Does it identify you correctly or are you prompted for user and password?

            Are you using a network proxy or firewall?

            If you use the Plugin instead of the AccessPoint, does that improve the speed in any way or it keeps taking too long to show the document list and open the documents?





              • Cannot Access the access point

                Hi! Hugo and Miguel


                Thanks a lot for your reply. I am facing this issue in IE 8 and in all the machines from which i am accessing the Qlikview Server, all these machines are on the same network.. Generally in all the machines IE 8 is installed so i have not checked on other browsers.

                I dont think the network is overloaded as other application are working fine on the network.

                It also doesn't ask me for any user name and password only the user authentication comes which i have implemented which comes after access point  has come. i am on a office network so i think it will be some group firewall policy which will be implemented.


                Once i tried to open the access point a distorted view came whose screen shot i am attaching.AccessPoint.png


                Thanks & Regards,