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    How can I iterate of the results of a select statement



      I have the following SELECT



        name as report_definition_name
      FROM reports WHERE reports.active = 1;


      My question is how do I iterate over the values of the result set? I want to take the report_definition_name (s) and for each one assign the name to a variable and do something with that.


      Thanks in advance


        • Re: How can I iterate of the results of a select statement
          Dave Riley

          Hi Panayotis,



          Try the following ...


          For i = 1 to NoOfRows('yourtable')

            LET varStatic = FieldValue('report_definition_name',$(i)); //Option 1: uses one variable to be used for actions within the loop

            SET varName = 'var_$(i)';
            LET $(varName) = FieldValue('report_definition_name',$(i)); //Option 2: creates variable for each value so they can be                                                                                           referenced outside of the loop



          You will probably need to have distinct row values in the table.  If you have a lot of values, the multiple variables option might not be a good idea.