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    Set analysis and straight table




      I've got a problem for showing the name of the first next phase reference of a project in a straight table (found with the min of the phase decision start date). I've made a set analysis expression :


      =Only({<PhaseDecisionStartDate] = {"$(= min( {< PhaseDecisionOrder = {"1"}>} PhaseDecisionStartDate))"}

      >} PhaseReference)


      It works but only for the first next phase decision start date of all the projects, and not for each line of the straight table, as shown in the example :

      Project Code     Phase Reference     Phase Reference (expected)     Phase Decision Start Date

      Project 1                     -                     Phase II                                      30/12/2015

      Project 3               -                    Phase IV                        20/01/2015

      Project 4              Phase III           Phase III                         27/06/2014



      Any idea on what must be added in the expression so that it takes into account only the project of the line and not all projects of the selection ?


      Thanks !