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    Managing multiple Qlikview Devlopers

    Mark Sheraton

      We're trying to decide the best structure for providing Qlikview in our business and hoping from some advice.


      We currently have a test server (Small Business Edition license) and a live server (with an enterprise license).We'll have 5 developers.



      Challenges with the current setup:

      • Development on a local machine is not practical (One Qlikview App (with all files) is 200 GB.)
      • Only two developers can be RDC to test Server as it is not a terminal server.
      • Development on local machine would require each user to have two named user CALs, as they can
        only be leased twice (Leased on Live, Test and local)


      One solution is to upgrade the test server to a Terminal server to get over the two current users limitation.  Also set resource (RAM / CPU) user quotas for each developer.  Then perform all development on the test server not the local (meaning we only need one user CAL per developer).


      Does anyone else have experience of multiple developers working on one server and does this approach sound sensible?

      Would upgrading the SBE license to a Test license offer any distinct advantages?






      I've realised the above would allow development on the test server but would stop developers being able to view the test dashboard through the access point (not what we want).  Therefore we'll need to upgrade the test server license from SBE to a test server license so the Named CAL's are also on the test server.  (Also found a useful post on this subject herehttp://community.qlik.com/message/77331#77331)


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