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    How to calculate the colour for the Linear Gauge Chart

      Hello all,


      sorry if this topic was already discussed in the community but I couldn't find an answer through the search function.

      My problem is as follows:

      I want to calcute three different colours for my gauge chart:

      0-90% red


      95-100% green


      The bars shouldn't be divided in the three colours. What I try to do is to dye the whole bar in the respective colour:

      If the value is 76, please dye the whole bar red, if the value is 91 please dye it yellow and so on.

      The colours are defined by variables (cannot change that).


      Can you please help me with this?

      My following function does not work:

      =If(Column(4) > 0.9,$(vColor_Red),if(0.9<=Column (4)<= 0.95,$(vColor_Yellow),if(Column(4)>0.95,$(vColor_LightGreen)))


      Thanks for any help!