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    Aggr function

      Hello everyone, just development with QlikView.

      My need right now is to present some data related to the minimum value of one of them. Let me explain:


      I have a table of car models. Should I create a table (pivot better) Qlik featuring models who have the lowest CO2 models are identified, have all the other features of the vehicle (eg HP, capacity, consumption ...)


      Practically, with a calculated dimension, recovery models that have the lowest CO2:





      the other two dimensions are MODEL and Descr_Caratt


      What expression do I retrieve the values of the characteristics (Data_value is the field) associated with the model with the lowest CO2 I have in that particular column?


      I know for a fact that is simple, but I know very little about this tool, thanks a lot!



        • Aggr function
          Stefan Wühl



          could you upload some lines of sample data as INLINE coded table or as small sample app? And your expected result? I think this would make things much clearer too me.




            • Aggr function

              Hi Stefan,

                   thanks for your reply. In attachemnt you can find a couple of screenshot of my qvw. Unfortunatelly the qlik document it is over 50 mb size, so I cannot upload this.

              By the way in the table above I need to show the data corresponding to lowest Co2, positioned at the top of the table. In the grid below there are real data to compare results.

              Instead of "a" I would show the correct value



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                  Stefan Wühl

                  Have you tried just putting in



                  as expression? Or

                  =concat(Data_value, ' - ')


                  just to check for unambiguous data. I think since you have Desc_Caratt and Model as dimensions, your Data_value should already be ready to pick.




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                      It is the same think I though.

                      I tried with =Data_Value and the most of data is null ('-')

                      If I use Concat(data_value), qlik shows all data_value of that characteristic (very much) and not only the first one reflecting lowest CO2.



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                          Stefan Wühl

                          Ok, let's step one step back.


                          Your calculated dimension:







                          what do you want this to achieve? I believe you are getting a value back per MODEL, but not filter your Models for the one with the lowest CO2 level.

                          Try maybe

                          = aggr( if( Min(total CO2_LEVEL_G_KM_COMBINED_HIGH) = CO2_LEVEL_G_KM_COMBINED_HIGH,MODEL), MODEL)



                          This won't explain why you get a lot of Data_Values in your expression, since I assume your data should be limited by MODEL and Desc_Caratt anyway.

                          Seems like I still misunderstand what you are doing.