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    How to export Variables from a list

      Hello everybody, here is my problem.


      I create a list by a field named QVF_STATUT_DOS_LIBELLE, this filed coutain 4 differents value: "Externe", "Hospit", "Séance" and "Urgence".


      I would have for the value "Externe" selected, to export another variable at the value "UFM" ( in the field QVF_TYPE_UF_CODE  )




      I made that but it's not working...


      Actions -> On selection  -> if (QVF_QTATUT_DOS_LIBELLE='Externe",QVF_TYPE_UF_CODE='UFM',QVF_TYPE_UF_CODE)


      I succeed to do it with a button but not by a list and it must be a list to enter in active selection.


      This is what i want when i click on Externe (and not on "Hospit", "Scéance" or "Urgence").




      Thank you for your answer.