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    Macro loop page Report

    marco masin

      Hello everybody.


      i am writing to share a problem I am facing with a particular project I'am carrying out.

      I have one dimension (with n rows)  and I am producing a PDF report (with a template) for each one row of it, cycling over the dimension itself. The report consists of three pages.


      By now I was only able to order the pages in the report like this:

      Page 1 rows 1 to n, Page 2 row 1 to n, Page 3 rows 1 to n.


      My question:  is there a method to order the pages like this instead:

      row 1, Page 1,2,3 - row 2 Page 1,2,3 - ... - row n Pages 1,2,3 ?


      I was thinking of using a macro for the job (but not so good in it) so please, if someone had solved a similar problem, i will apreciate every suggestion about.


      Sorry for long writing and thanx in advance for every reply.



        • Macro loop page Report

          Hi Marco,

          Maybe the mail merge will help you to solve this problem. You can add unter the report properties in the tab choice the field with the row number (you can calculate with rowno() in the script, for example). Then the report is printed in this order.

          Regards vicky