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    ADMIN ACCESS on server(qvs) does overcome access rules and data reduction?



      My QVW is configured with Strict Exclusion in the opening tab and Admin surpass rules in the security tab.


      And when i access the document with a user like





      it request me for userid and password and when i remove the Strict Exclusion, logon process occur correctly. I assume that the problem is because my user

      do not have reductions connected to the data. But, a admin user should be able to see everything even if i do not set any reduction, am i right?


      So ADMIN ACCESS only works on Desktop or there's something wrong on my script?

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Lucas,


          When you use NTNAME in section access you always need to specify users in the form DOMAIN\USERNAME, uppercase. The best way to make sure the user is correct is to create a new text object, and set this function to see what user you have to set in the section access:




          Note that the user valid in your computer may not be in the local security group Administrators or QlikView Administrators in the computer where the Server is running. So besides adding yourself as an ADMIN (which makes sense because you have to open and modify the file) you need to add the DOMAIN\USERNAME of the user under the services are running. You can check that in the Start button, Run, Services.msc, right click on any of the QlikView services, Properties, Logon tab.


          Once you have added the administrator user that runs QlikView services, reload the file in order to apply changes to section access.


          If you are using a reduction field in your section access, note that all users that open the document via AccessPoint or Plugin, or Desktop as client are not ADMIN but USER, even when in the field ACCESS you have set them ADMIN. That means that the administrator user, since he has no values in the reduction field, will not be able to open when Strict Exclusion is checked. One quick solution is to set "*" as value in the reduction field.


          Read further on section access in a Server environment here, here and here among many others. Check this doc and this other doc (video) on section access.


          Hope that helps.