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    only one serie

      Hello everybody,


      I have a pivot table and the same pivot table as a line chart.  There are as many series as columns wich depends on the selections. Good.

      But I want to show the chart only if there is one serie AND WITHOUT changing the selection : if there is one column, I can see the chart ; if there are more than one column, I do not want to see the chart.  I am looking for which property of the chart (or pivot table) to use to create a condition in the "layout - show - conditional" property of the chart.

      It is probably very easy but I am a new QV user and I apologize.

        • only one serie
          Stefan Wühl

          It may depend a little on the design of your dimensions / data model. I assume that you are just using two fields in a pivot table / line chart, one dimension pivoted to the top, that's what you call columns then, right?


          You could probably just use



          for your conditionally show expression, replace FIELDNAME with your field name you used for the columns /series dimension.


          Hope this helps,


            • only one serie

              Thank you Stefan,

              I found a solution.

              To fix ideas, for example, a pivot table with 4 dimensions for the columns, X1, X2, X3, X4 and 1 for the rows, X5.  This configuration can give me a table with 0 or several columns : it depends on current selection on these or other fields.

              In the "layout - show - conditional" property of the chart, I use the condition "count( distinct X1& '$' & X2 & '$' & X3& '$' & X4) = 1", where $ is a separator not used in the values of the four dimensions.  This solution is not perfect but it is good for my problem (not perfect, because, I have to "freeze" the pivot to have all time the same fields in column).

              I consider that the solution is found but I would be happy if a more elegant solution was found...


              Thank you,