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    Help with my first extension - how to make a selection in my data

    Robert Svebeck

      Hello there experts,

      Need some assistance with my first attempt to make a simple extension. The basic idea is to generate some rectangles and make them clickable and connected to the data in my document.

      I have successfully written the code to create the rectangles and make them clickable/selectable. However, I can not get selections automaticaly also beeing done on my data when I click on one of my zones.

      I have tried this on the clic-event part: this.data.SelectTextsInColumn(0, false, "Zone1");


      But nothing is happening.

      Then I also did a try with simly "hard-coding" this to see if selecting anything is even possible. But still nothing.

      What I would like to do is to specify which field I want to connect to my "zones" by matching my zone-objects to the field "Box" in my "Boxes table"...

      Can someone provide me with the hint to make a selection like this:

      [Select "Zone1" in field Box on table Boxes]

      The current code and my Qlikview document provided.

      I just started learning Java Script so perhaps I'm writing stuff in the wrong way - coming from the VBS tradition ....


      Best Regards Robert