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    Chart Dimension Limits

      Hello i want to make a pie chart with 1920 value.

      I configure Dimension Limit to show only the 10 largest value, but when I clik on OTHERS,

      I cannot see the others values (1910 value...)


      I want to know if there are some limitations for this kind of chart


      Is there a workaround for this issue?






        • Chart Dimension Limits
          Ashutosh Paliwal

          Hi Orozo,

          When you use dimension limits, you will not be able to click on others to see other values. This is a limitation which is there on pie charts in version 11. The others are not drilled down to show what these others are.

          While upto version 10 we were able to drill down in pie charts to see others and then there was an upper limit on number of slices in a pie chart and that was 50.