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    "Failed to contact service"

      Hi All,

      On the "QlikView Management Console" the QlikView Server keeps disconnecting and in the lower screen on the right side displays "Failed to contact service."

      It's intermittent.  I see it every few minutes & the sevice reconnects itself autmatically after few seconds.  What's causing this?


      I noticed that our dashboard reload is taking considerably longer time & uses almost all our 32gb RAM. Is this related to the previous error?

      Thanks for your help.





      Product Information

      Product NameQlikview Distribution Service x64

      Client Build Number9.0.7469.8

      Target Platformx64

      Machine Information

      Computer NameQLIKVIEW

      Operating System VersionWin32_OperatingSystem=@ X64 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0)

      .NET Version2.0.50727.4927

      Physical Memory32764Mb
        • "Failed to contact service"
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          Does the Server has a license applied and working fine? Check that using the QEMC instead of the QMC, System, Licenses, QlikView Server, QlikView Server License. Check in the services.msc Windows console that all services are up and running using a local administrator account.


          If possible, upgrade to version 9 build 7778 (the latest more up to date version 9 SR7) both Server and clients.


          Hope that helps.



            • "Failed to contact service"

              Thanks for your quick reply.


              We've been using QV for 3 years & all licenses are ok.

              All services are up & using local administrator account.

              I'll discuss with management the upgrade option.


              On the "QlikView Enterprise Management Console" there's no error but in the log file I see the following:


              (2012-01-26 09:18:57) Information: Reloading

              (2012-01-26 09:39:22) Information: Reloading.

              (2012-01-26 09:59:39) Information: Reloading..

              (2012-01-26 10:20:00) Information: Reloading...

              (2012-01-26 10:40:19) Information: Reloading....

              (2012-01-26 11:00:38) Information: Reloading.....

              (2012-01-26 11:20:55) Information: Reloading......

              (2012-01-26 11:41:12) Information: Reloading.......

              (2012-01-26 12:01:38) Information: Reloading........

              (2012-01-26 12:22:01) Information: Reloading.........

              (2012-01-26 12:42:18) Information: Reloading..........

              (2012-01-26 13:02:36) Information: Slowing down logging. LoggingSeconds=1500

              (2012-01-26 13:02:36) Information: Reloading

              (2012-01-26 13:28:01) Information: Reloading.


              Is the "Slowing down logging. LoggingSeconds=1500" related to the "Failed to contact service." ?


              Does anyone have a similar issue?

              Are this error & the long time to refresh & RAM maxing out related?






                • "Failed to contact service"
                  Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce


                  That error is only informative, and the message is very likely to appear whenever you do a relaod using Server. Since when you are noticing this error? What are the differences in the computer hosting the Server between the prior working environment and now? Did you change something (operating system, account, local groups)?


                  Version 9 of Server requires .NET 3.5 and your log shows that you are running .NET 2.0. Is that installed even when it does not show in the log?


                  Hope that helps.



                    • "Failed to contact service"

                      I started to notice this error only in the last couple of months.  The reload job still completes successfully but it takes forever.

                      .NET 3.5 is installed on the server.

                      Nothing has changed on the maching at all.  It's a dedicated server and nothing else runs on it.


                      I have no records of RAM usage records, but I'm wondering if it's related to RAM maxing out.  Could that be the case?


                      I noticed that the console is not responsive & keeps throwing errors like these:

                      "DocumentManagement not available"


                      "<result mark="" stamp="634631668878305744"><message text="Invalid Request: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation."/></result>""


                      Rebooted the server 2 weeks ago but still having the same problem.


                      Thanks again for your help.

                        • "Failed to contact service"
                          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce


                          Same is happening here. See if that helps you in any way and if not, get back with the tests to have performed and their results. Are you seeing the QEMC page in compatibility mode while using Internet Explorer? Are you using the QMC instead?


                          If you have not changed anything, and since QlikView does not update automatically, it's hard to know why QlikView stopped working or is crashing. What do the QlikView logs and Windows Event Viewer say when those errors arise?