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    Application opening time in IE plugin

    Michael Solomovich

      I'm struggling to understand what may influence the application opening time in IE plugin client.


      Here is the situation (all files sizes are non-compressed, all times measured after preloading in QVS):
      Application A, file size ~60 MB.  Opens in IE in 2-3 sec
      Application B, file size ~38 MB.  Opens in 14 sec
      Application B1, same as B but with partial data, file size ~5MB.  Opens in 12 sec.

      Apparently application size is not the major factor.  I was thinking about front-end objects calculations and OnOpen actions.  Removed all charts and actions from B and B1, and gained about 2-3 sec.  Still much longer than application A, where I keep OnOpen actions and front-end objects.


      Document Properties on the Server tab are identical in A and B applications.

      No need to mention that I'm using the same Server and the same Client in all testing.  Version is 10.0.9282.8, if it matters at all in this case.

      What could be the factor?  Apparently something in the application itself, but what?


      Appreciate any ideas.




      Edit: Both applications have Section Access.  Removing it doesn't change anything.