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    Editing a server document by multiple users and error about recovery attempts



      We are new to QlikView. The point here is that we have one or two users remotely logging in to QlikView Server and editing a particular file with the QlikView desktop client installed on server.


      The problem is that they are getting the following message when opening a file:


      "This QlikView document was created by another QlikView Personal Edition user. Since you are using a QlikView Personal Edition...."

      (see the attached picture).


      How do I solve this problem?


      Please, note that we have Licenses stored on Server (7 Named CALs and 12 Document CALs).


      Thanks for your help



        • Editing a server document by multiple users and error about recovery attempts
          Jakob Fabian



          your users need to actually get a license from your QlikView Server.

          In order to do so, please make sure that you have either assigned a license to them manually in your QMC (licenses tab --> assigned CALs) or that "allow dynamcic CAL assignment" is enabled in the General tab of the licnenses tab.


          To actually get the license to your user's local machine/client, your user should open his or her local QlikView Desktop Client and open a document directly from the server on the start page of QlikView.


          To do so, go to the QV startpage and select any document via "open in server"  - through this step your client will communicate with your QVS and actually acquire the license and not be a personal edition anymore as in your screenshot.


          Hope this helps, let me know if you need anymore help with this.