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    avg(aggr( distinct count(merchant_id), cust_id, payment_quarter ))  using payment_day

      Hope this is just a simple thing that I am missing.

      I have the above expression formula working for me. However I have the source data on the daily basis and the payment_quarter needs to be calculated in the script during the load. I would like to avoid that and do the calculation on the fly.

      What would be an equivalent formula if the data is by payment_day and the payment_quarter column is not available?

      QuarterName(payment_day) is working just fine for the dynamic dimension. I have tried to use QuarterName(payment_day) or QuarterStart in the formula but become "No data available" error.


      Here is the similar question answered, but they have the daily data and need the daily aggregation. I need quarterly aggregation.

      count by distinct customer and summed value by date