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    Qlikview consultant with Ecommerce experience

      A New York-based online retailer that recently implemented Qlikview is looking for an Qlikview consultant with Ecommerce experience. We are looking for a) help setting up Qlikview and b) an ongoing relationship.

      The role involves the following:
      - Presentation/report development (working on existing reports)
      - Adding new functionalities
      - Dashboard projects, drill down delivering reports

      Specifically, we are looking to ...
      - Integrate all our analytics (Onmiture/Google Analytics) and media reports (PPC, affiliate, shopping engines, phone, display, re-targeting, email, third party) to build an attribution model
      - Develop lifetime value and cohort analysis
      - Segment our customers based on RFM as well as life-stage
      - Develop upsell models based on buying patterns

      Core skills required:
      - QlikView version 10
      - Familiarity with Ecomerce tools


      Must have experience using Qlikview for an online retailers.

      Please respond with email address, location, and relevant experience to ddwek+qlikview@brickhousesecurity.com