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    schedule and run jobs to refresh data for QlikView reports


      Hi Team,


      Need an informantion on scheduling / running jobs to refresh data for Qlikview reports for below scenario's -


      Small Business Server Edition

      Enterprise Server Edition

      Enterprise with Publisher


      Thanks in advance,


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          vikas mahajan

                           Steps for scheduling  and jobs  in  Sql Sever for Qlikview


                 Go to server of  Qlikview


          • EXEC sp_addlinkedserver @server='Server Name' 


          • Create database in local sql server for storing data for qlikview


          • Edit script which will be fateching  data in views or temporary tables from source to local db

          Give  use  Qlikview_module name  in case of payroll software and change all scripts with  \from server


          name.db name.dbo.table name.


          • Go to sql server agent


          • Select Job


          • Right Click  to Job -> New


          • Create new job


          • Give Job Name


          • Steps-> New -> Give Step name as "STEP1"


          • Select Database -> Qlikview_module namel in case of any software.


          • Click on  open button -> Select Script <For Masters as well as Transactions>.


          • Select <Advanced> and On sucessful  action-> Quit report.


          • Select Retry option with for e.g. <5> nos.


          • Select Interval   for e.g. <1> minutes.


          • Output File -> Give output file name i.e. <Log Filename>


          • Select Append option


          • Select  Schedule  < For Scheduling job>
          • Give name to schedule


          • Select  Recurring  option and  tick  on  Enabled <Tick>


          • Occur's -> Daily option