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    NTSID and Server problem

    Stefan van Diepen



      I have designed a Qlikview Dashboard to be used within my company.

      To restrict access, I have built in a security using the NTSID's from the employee's.

      Every employee who is allowed in the dashboard, has his own NTSID, which I named in a text file.

      I have given myself and a colleague ADMIN rights. All the other employee's have USER rights.

      Everything works fine: I can do everything, whilst the other employee's only have USER-rights to view the dashboard.


      Everything is located on a internal Qlikview Server. Overnight, the dashboard is updated with the newest information.

      At least, that is what should happen. The problem is that the server cannot open the dashboard.

      It simply says: Failed to open document "Dashboard.QWV". Access denied.


      Does anyone know where the problem lies?

      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards,



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          Stefan Bäckstrand

          If you are using section access, you need to have the service account running the QDS service set as ADMIN in the Section Access portion of the script of the source document, for the QVB engine (QlikView Distribution Service) to be able to open it.


          And make sure you don't have any dynamic data reduction on that account, otherwise the source document will not open with full data.

            • Re: NTSID and Server problem
              Stefan van Diepen

              Hello Stefan,


              first of all, thanks for the help.

              Second: I already tried building in a extra line in the security, setting an ' * ' at the NTSID and giving it ADMIN-rights.

              If I'm correct, Qlikview should read this as 'all NTSID's have ADMIN-rights'.

              Even at that point, the server could not open the document...

              If you have any more idea's or if I'm doing something wrong, your help would be appreciated .


              Kind regards,