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    What type of calendar do I need?

    Göran Hofstedt



      I tried some diffrent calendar-soulutions but always get stuck. (yeah, i´m not that good but I have to start somewhere..)

      So my question is simple, what kind of calendar should I use?


      I have multiple dates in my tables.

      StartDate ¨





      Connected to a userID


      If I select jan 2011 I would like to se how many post that have a StatDate this month, how many that have a EndDate and also how many that have have a startdate but do´t have a stopdate(the startdate can be before jan.... I also want to be able to compare this to another month...I´d also want to se the how many days it goes from StatDate to PlaceDateStart.


      Should I use one mastercalendar or (as I now think) multiple calendars?


      I have found many post about one mastercalendar but don´t find any good guide about how I create multiple calendars.