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    QVW optimisation

      Hi All,


      Our dashboard takes more than 12hrs to reload. I'm looking into optimising it.

      Checked the qvw file and there 15 tabs and this is the code in 1 of the tabs:

      (file attatched)

      How would you optimise it?

      I was thinking of removing the if statements & date formatting and doing that @ source table which is read into the QVD files.

      Thanks for your suggestions

        • QVW optimisation
          Stefan Wühl



          12 hrs is a pretty long reload time, how big is your resulting qvw compared to your system memory? Do you also use some more complex stuff like joins etc.?


          I would suggest that you enable 'Generate Logfile' in document properties and then analyze, which table load lasts longest, also take the amount of records read into account. Then focus on the parts of your script that seem to have the most return on invest.


          I agree that it is a good idea of putting your if() statements and formatting into the qvd creation scripts, if these additional transformations are of general type, like in your sample. Thus you could keep your qvd load optimized.


          If you concatenate several qvd loads, please check out



          and more general about optimized vqd loads:



          And instead of the concatenated text based Keys, you could consider creating numerical keys using one of the autonumberhash or autonumber functions, this should at least speed up your user experience after the load.


          Hope this helps,


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            Neil Gulliver


            Have a look at Steve's blog on optimisation for a few ideas.