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    Connect QVS to a network without domain

    Hugo Andrade

      Good Afternoon, here is my QlikView Configuration: I have All services Running on CORServer01. But the Source Documents folder needs to be outside the Server. It's on a computer Called "DataCenter". We don't have a domain to rule our network, we still using Windows Workgroup. How can I set up the QlikView server the way I can reach and run the tasks using a specific local credential for the DataCenter server? DataCenter user:DataCenter\access. The user running QVS services CORServer1\QVServices.I can point the folder on the distribution tab, but the tasks don't run. Thank you all in advance.

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          Stefan Bäckstrand

          Since you cannot "reference" an account from another machine in the ACLs of Windows in workgroups, you need to use a service account on the QVS services that has an equal account on the "DataCenter" service. A local account, that is.


          Basically, you need to create the local user "QVServices" on the "DataCenter" machine, and give it the same password as it has on the server where the QVS services reside.


          Make sure to reference the accounts as only ".\QVServices" when setting service account details and such in configuration, do not use "servername\QVServices". Remember - you're not in a AD domain.