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    incorrent number format on y axis - combo chart

      I'm having problem getting the right number format to display in the combo chart on y axis.
      Here's my rough expression:
      if(MetricName='MetricA'  ,num(sum({<Month={'<=$(=Max(Month))'}>} GrossProfit)/sum({<Month={'<=$(=Max(Month))'}>} NetSales), '##.#%'),
      if(MetricName='MetricB', money(sum({<Month={'<=$(=Max(Month))'}>} Actual))).
      I have a list box MetricName where users select their metrics. There are a lots of metrics with different number formats (currencies, percentages, whole numbers). In this case, if user selects MetricA, number format changes to percentage in the chart like so:

      As you can see the value of expression is 71.9%, but the scale on the left is roughly 0.719%. It seems the y axis number format doesn't inherit percentage number format from the expression. I want the scale to go up to 100%, not 1%. In the number format settings I have the option 'Expression Default' selected.