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    Debility of Microstrategy


      My customer is by choosing Microstrategy. I have a meeting next week, I know very well the advantages of QlikView but would need to know the disadvantages of Microstrategy, i don't know much this product.

      Does they weaknesses of Microstrategy?





        • Debility of Microstrategy
          Pablo Labbe

          Hi Ivan,


            This is very simple, The advantages of Qlikview are the weakness of Microstrategy (MSTR).


            MSTR is huge, lots of products to specif neeeds. Qlikview is all in One. No need to spend money on endless training.


            MSTR needs a a reporting database, like a DW, for best performance. With Qlikview you doesn´t need a DW if you doesn´t have it yet. Less cost with aditional license and hardware for database servers and DBA to keep it running.


            MSTR doesn´t provide an ETL Tool. Qlikview does.


            In some configurations, MSTR is more expensive then Qlikview.


            MSTR projects takes longer to deploy compared to Qlikview, and much more if customer doesn´t have a DW. They need to build it first.


            Need more IT staff to maintain MSTR infrastructure compared to Qlikview.


          Hope this arguments could help you.


          Have a nice weekend.


          Pablo Labbe

          Qlikview Consultant