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    Is server-side integration possible with QlikView?

    net eli

      Hi all,

      I have tried Qlikview Workbench (ver.10). I was trying to understand if it's possible to integrate Qlikview objects inside a web application. When I'm saying integration, I mean to pass parameters from the application to Qlikview, e.g., the user clicks some value in the application, and this value is sent to Qlikview to filter a chart according to it.

      As far as I saw, the only way to get it work, is to manipulate (using JavaScript) the HTML a QV listbox, so that the listbox will send the request to the server. There's no method that you can use. The QV Server does not externalize any API that allows this on the server-side.

      Actually, I'm afraid it will never be possible, since Qlikview is not SOA-based.

      Am I right?

      Is there any other way for server-side integration?


      Thanks ahead.