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    sum grossweight of each 'MultiplePurchaseOrder'

    Aissam Boumejjane

      Hi Guys,


      How can I do a sum of a speficy dimension instead of sum of all rows?

      I tried: Aggr(sum([Gross Weight]), 'MultiplePurchaseOrder') but that didn't work in the barchart only in the tablechart :S.


      The problem that i'm facing is that sum(grossWeight) gives me the sum of all the rows, rather than the sum of each 'MultiplePurchaseOrder'


      The sum(Distinct GrossWeight) comes pretty close, however it can occur that different 'MultiplePurchaseOrder' happen to have the same grossweight, so that solution woudn't work.


      Does anyone know how to tackle this problem?


      I've attached a screenshot. The total sum should be:  4080 instead of 15986


      Hope some one can help!