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    Lower Bound gauge chart

      Hi there,


      another question:

      I have a linear gauge chart and would like to set the lower bound of the segment on a variable.

      So I want to define the bound by a function.

      unfortunately, QV does not accept the function.

      Attached there is a screenshot.

      What I try to do is to make the lower boundary dependent on the value of

      [Customer.Level of fulfilment BP of 15]


      Thanks a lot

        • Lower Bound gauge chart
          Jakob Fabian

          Hi there,


          you should try not ikncluding the [] brackets in your fieldvalue() statement, as the statement will search for a field with these brackets as well:

          - Try removing the brackets from you statement

          - if this does not work, try renaming your without using spaces to something like Customer.Level_of_fulfillment_BP_of_15.


          Hope this does the trick for you.


          Regards, Jakob

            • Lower Bound gauge chart

              Neither works . It doesn't seem to recognize that there is anything standing in the lower bound field.

              Can I use another function than fieldvalue? or maybe I don't understand the function properly.

              Fieldvalue is used to give the value of a specific field right?


              Thanks a lot for your tips Jakob!

                • Lower Bound gauge chart
                  Jakob Fabian

                  Yeah, that's what it is supposed to do. I suggest that you "try out" your field value expression in another type of object to narrow down your problem.


                  If you for example would put your fiunction into a text object you will see if it returns a value (and moreover if that's the actual value you're looking for) or if just returns a ´-´.


                  If it gives you an actual value, then you can be sure that your function is working. You then need to start looking at you gauge settings -->

                  - In your example, you gauge settings are set to 0 and 1 for min and max? Does your value fit into this scale?

                  - Also, you just have one segment in you example in your gauge. This may also be an issue.

                  • Lower Bound gauge chart

                    What are you trying to achieve with the gauge graph?

                    Maybe you can try to adjust the min of the gauge instead of the lower bound.

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                        What I tried first is to create a gauge chart that fills to value and changes the colour of the WHOLE bar according to the value.

                        That didn't work so instead I formatted the background so that at least the whole bar changes it colour according to the value BUT it doesn't fill to value but instead the whole background is in that colour.

                        So now I try to paint over the part that should be empty.


                        does it clarify what I try to do?


                        @ Jacob:

                        I'm not using a formula but import it via excel since the formula is changing depending on the KPI (what to divide through what)