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    Load from FTP on QV 10 SR4 Publisher



      We recently upgraded from QV 10 SR3 to SR4.

      After the upgrade I dicovered an odd problem, it seems that the Publisher can't load a file from FTP.


      We have several documents who load data from files by FTP.

      They all worked nicely before the upgrade and stopped working right after.

      It seems from the log that the file is opened fine, but it doesn't load any rows.

      It only happens in the Publisher, and only on FTP.

      If I run the same model on QV desktop client using FTP, or if I run on the same file locally, everything works fine.


      I attach the logs of 3 executions -

      1. Running from FTP using Qlikview desktop - gets rows OK.

      2. Running from FTP using Publisher - gets zero rows.

      3. Running from a local file using desktop - gets rows OK.


      Help please