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    How to create a new variable in the table using existing variables?

      I have three products and their different attributes in a table "Product". the product types are stored as either 1,2 or 3 in the prdtype variable in the Product table. Now, when I create a bar/pie chart for the counts of this product, it creates three bars, one for each product. The problem is that it lables it as 1, 2 and 3 however, I want it to be labled as small, medium and large. Reading from other posts in the qlikview community, I think by creating a new variable say "prdtype2" which is defined as "Small" where prdtype =1. "Medium" where prdtype = 2 and "Large" where prdtype = 3 and then creating an expression based on the prdtype2 I can get the lables straight. My questions are:

      How do i create prdtype2 variable in Product table?

      Is this an efficient way?

      Is there any way to directly change the labels without creating new variable?