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    Load multiple QVD with different fields into one single table



      I have a folder with multiple QVD which are generated daily. Each file's name is MYDATA_[year][month][day].qvd. Each file contains the same number of fields and each field has the same name. Each file contains just one row. Example:



      Data: 20120129

      Field_A : Value_A

      Field_B : Value_B

      Field_C : Value_C


      I introduce a change on Jan 30th, so the files have now a new field



      Data: 20120130

      Field_A : Value_A

      Field_B : Value_B

      Field_C : Value_C

      Field_D : Value_D



      So, when I try to load each file in a single QV, the Field_D cannot be found on each file, obviously, and the load fails.


      LOAD *

      FROM C:\MYDATA_*.qvd (qvd);


      I try to add the "WHERE EXISTS(Field_D)" unsuccessfully.


      I need to load files dated prior to January 30th with fields A, B, C and assigning default value 0 to field D; and load files dated after January 30th with fields A,B,C and D into one single table.


      Anyone has an idea?

      Thank you!