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    Bar chart layout issue..

      Hi All,


                   In my bar chart i want to show the totals by month wise (12 months) but my chart is having huge monthly count, suppose for some moths the count is 30000+ for some months count is <=1000, if i will  show the count as it is look and feel of the chart is not good, see the attached screen shot,


      Here what am trying is suppose if  one bar is having 35678 then i trying to show the count is 35K like for this am using the below expression


      =count(if((C_TCKT_STAT='C'),I_TCKT))/1000 //&'K' but it is not giving correct result,, is there any other way to acheive this ?


      I can enlarge the chart but we have the specfic req for layout of the chart,,, what is the alternate way to do for this?