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    gargi bardhan

      Hi !


      Currently my organization is workin on NTFS authorization, I need to manage the namedCAL user list for viewing the application,

      so I thought of switching to DMS authorization so that I can authorize each application user wise.




      In QEMC

      SYSTEM -> Licenses -> Qlikview Server -> QlikView Server License,

      its showing  DISABLE_DMS;YES;;


      So, I got stuck in the question that as the setting says DMS is disable, so can I change it to DMS by changing the setting in the

      QEMC or any other way?




        • Re: DMS
          Sunil Chauhan

          in qmec


          qlikview server setting-> check dms authorization and



          system tab


          directory service connector


          click on + sign

          there you have one custom directory option create user and password.


          after this

          you have to assign each user  for each application present in the user document.


          qemc->userdocument -> click on one application->authorization->add users


          hope this helps

          • Re: DMS
            Bill Britt

            This is a license restriction on your license. You will need to get with your account manager to see what is required to remove this. I this this is a SBE license.