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    Value on axis text align



      I need to use text value on Y-Axis of a Combo Chart with stacked bars mode.

      The text value on Y-axis is an expression without Symbols and with checkBox invisible checked and checkbox "Text on Axis" checked.


      I see my values but values have a Right text alignment and I want Left alignement with, if possible, "..." at the end of text value if it overflow on the right of the axe.


      Could you help me.



        • Value on axis text align



          After a mail return of QlikView Support, It seems this thing is impossible on expression with "text on axis" values property checked


          You can just use Left or Right functions to limit label length and add "..." but no align label on the left.


          Consequently, I have just decreased the font size of my expression in order to make labels fully display on the axis.