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    Does SAP Connector use SAP's new "BIC S" method?



      we currently are running QlikView over SAP BW data.  We are extracting data using both methods:


      1. directly from BW tables using the SAP Connector.


      2. from BW Query using OLAP connector.


      THe second method is very convenient as you only need to develop a Query in BEx and then extract the result set into BW.  However, since this method uses the "MDX" interface technology, we are limited in terms of data volume.  For large result sets, we can't use the OLAP method and instead must use the Method #1 above.


      I now understand that SAP have developed a new interface method to overcome the limitations with MDX.  THe new method is called BICS.


      Does anyone know if QlikTech are going to enhance the SAP Connector to be able to access BW data using this new BICS method?