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    Multiple Reduction Fields in Section Access



      I need to be able to do data reduction on section access information for 2 reduction fields, salesperson and branch.

      Each user (non-ADMIN) will only have information for one of the 2 fields, I don't want to restrict the data on the other field. If the user is a salesperson I want all the information for that salesperson. If the user is a branch manager I want only the information for that branch but all the salespeople who sold at that branch.

      The two fields are linked in a hierarchy. The sales are recorded to a salesperson but not to a branch because the branch is picked up from the hierarchy as below.


      1 1

      1 2

      2 3

      2 4


      I bring in the section access from a table in Excel (attached):

      I tried leaving out the wildcards, this didn't work at all, no user could open document. With the table as it is Users A-D can open document correctly but users E & F can't.

      Any ideas on how to fix this? I did include "Star is *;"