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    Indirect Set Analysis and Greater Than

      Hello all.




      I have a document containing various information about clients, sales, etc.


      As part of my load, I also have a separate data construct called protocols, which are not directly linked to clients/etc. but contain a set of metric definitions.


      In this example, I am needing to pull all Clients from the current selection who have a Age within the bounds specified by ProtocolGroup_ID = 1.


      The following expression works:


      =count({$<ClientAge=P({1<ProtocolGroup_ID={'1'}>}AgeMin)>} DISTINCT ClientID)


      The expression above works to provide a count of all Clients in current selection who have an age matching the AgeMin value designated by the ProtocolGroup_ID. I need it to provide a count of all Clients who have an age Greater Than or Equal to the AgeMin value.


      I have been unable to get it working.


      Any insight would be most appreciated.


      Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.