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    Is it possible to put a user tick (input) box into a pivot table?

    Petra Bernehed

      Hello again,

      I have built pivot tables analysing product sales data and cam e across the following:

      I am just going through some analyses using pivot and straight tables and noticed that it is difficult to 'see' which lines of data you have already worked with. Is there any way to put a tick box (or input box or similar) on the lowest level of a pivot table so that you can 'mark' your decision about a product? Like mark it with an X or Y or similar? That would then allow my users to 'see' what they have handled and where they still need to go. It would also allow them to make a list of products they LIKE and those they DON'T like! My option for them currently is to export it out of QV, I'd much rather keep them in the environment of QV though.


      Thanks for any creative input!