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    Oracle Instant Client

      Will Qlikview Desktop version 10 work on Windows 7 (64-bit) work with Oracle 11g Instant Client?  Thanks!

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          Karl Pover

          QlikView uses the Oracle ODBC to connect to the Oracle database.  As long as you install the ODBC when you install the Oracle client there should be no issue.


          Lot's of people complain about this because they think the ODBC connection is slow, but with a good network connection, I've downloaded more than 1 million rows per minute with the Oracle ODBC connection.



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            Ralf Becher



            I think you would need both downloads:


            • Instant Client Package - Basic: All  files required to run OCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI applications
            • Instant Client Package - ODBC: Additional libraries for enabling ODBC applications


            But I've never tried the instant client with ODBC.



            - Ralf

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              Erich Shiino


              I usually install Oracle ODAC (it contains OLEDB and ODBC drivers)


              After this, I config the tnsnames.ora and I'm able to use an OLEDB connection.


              Like an ODBC connection, it's easy to point all the connections to a different database by just updating the tnsnames.ora