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    Excluding selections for expression with set modifiers

    Jeremy Boyer

      In my QV document I have 3 rows of data. The first row is the row that I would like to have change based on the current selections. The second is a total row that should remain static and should be equal to the first when there are no selections (ie. the Total). And a third line that compares the first two lines.


      This is easily accomplished for normal expression that just require a sum(ALL variable) expression.  Where I'm running into trouble is the formulas for the first row that already have set modifiers in them.


      Here is an example of one such expression from the first row:

      sum({$<CompleteAppts={0}>} PanelSize)/sum(PanelSize)


      I tried using:

      sum(ALL {$<CompleteAppts={0}>} PanelSize)/sum(ALL PanelSize)


      But when you use a selection then the expression becomes filtered. How can I change the syntax so the Total version is not affected by the selections?