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    Qlikview Publisher / Document CALs

    Mark Sheraton

      We currently have Qlikview Server without the publisher module.

      Some of our QVW files are getting into the 100's of millions of rows and reading into best practices, one option isto break these QVWs into smaller files using Publisher.


      With publisher I understand there are source and user documents.

      Currently we have 1 (large) QVW per department.  Therefore each user per dept. requires one document CAL.


      With publisher this will be broke into 2 user documents per department.


      If auser requires access to both documents they will now require two document CALs?  (I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but would like to be 100% sure...)


      If that is correct, we have two choices:

      1. Beef up hardware to cope with larger files (no need for a publisher or additional CALs)

      2. Get publisher license, break up files and get more CALS.


      Any feedback on this would be welcomed.



        • Qlikview Publisher / Document CALs
          Karl Pover



          Yes, one user that opens the 2 reduced documents will use 2 document CALs.  If a user uses more than 4 document CALs it is better that they have 1 named CAL.  Beefing up hardware would probably be cheaper, you'll be able to load bigger QVWs and I like keeping as much information in one model as possible.  However, as the application grows so will the response time, and when the response time becomes unacceptable, I think this is the best time to start dividing the files into separate QVWs.  I would analyze the response times with the user and the impact the data volume has on that response time.  Along with that measure and the speed at which the data volume is growing will help you decide if beef up the hardware or break down the QVW.